Specialty Surgery Options

Dakota Pet Hospital is offering some specialty surgeries done at our location. We are proud to partner with a board certified surgeon for more complex procedures.

  • Splenectomy  (spleen removal) 
  • Enterotomy  (intestines)    
  • Intestinal resection & anastomosis  (gastrointestinal foreign body)
  • Gastropexy  (stomach tacking)
  • Brachycephalic syndrome  (soft palate resection)
  • Stenotic nares repair
  • Fracture repair, external fixator & IM pin  (fractured limbs)
  • Femoral head & neck ostectomy (FHO)
  • Extracapsular ACL repair  (cruciate ligament)
  • Patellar luxation repair  (knee)
  • Episioplasty  (vulvar fold resection)
  • Midfemoral amputation  (back limb)
  • Midhumeral amputation  (front limb)
  • Cystotomy  (bladder incision)
  • Perineal urethrostomy  (blocked cat)
  • Urethrotomy  (urinary stones)
  • Cherry eye repair
  • Eye enucleation 
  • Tail amputation

For more information on these surgeries 

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